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If you are looking for a high quality managing agent, then you have arrived at the right place. You will find listed on this page answers to frequently asked questions by potential clients when assessing our suitability as managing agents.  
1. Please provide all relevant company details?
Manchester Residential Management Limited
3 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester M30 0DF

Company Number: 5324246

2. How close are your offices to our property?
Manchester Residential Management is based in Eccles, less than 5 miles from Manchester City Centre.

3. How many years have you been in the property management business?

Manchester Residential Management Limited started business on 5 January 2005. Prior to this the Principals have been involved in facilities & property management since 1992.

4. How many staff within your company are directly involved with the management of property?
All our staff are involved in property management.

5. How many blocks do you manage and how many units therein?
We work with a wide portfolio of developments from residential buildings with several apartments to large mixed/use developments and multi-block developments with over 450 apartments.

6. Are you able to supply references for blocks you manage?

We can provide references from clients who are happy to recommend our services.

7. What is your proposed fee structure and do your fees carry VAT?

We charge a fixed management fee for all clients, based upon the number of flats in the block and the services required by the client. We will enter into an agreement setting out the Terms of Appointment. The Agreement also details those items that do not form part of the agreed service provision, and if required, such items will be subject to additional charges. Fees would be discussed and agreed along with budget discussions for each financial year. All our fees are subject to VAT.

8. How can you convince us that you can offer a quality service at a fair cost?
Clients appreciate our hands on approach to property management and the professional service we offer and the high number of Client referrals that have contributed to our growth illustrates this.

9. How comprehensive a panel of contractors do you have?

Our panel of contractors deal with everything including communal cleaning, window cleaning, lift maintenance, gutter maintenance, video door entry system maintenance, CCTV etc. We also instruct contractors to deal with Health & Safety Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, fire alarm testing, emergency lights testing, water hygiene testing, dry riser tests, mansafe or cradle testing, testing of any mechanical equipment (including lifts) and electrical and gas testing. The list is extensive and will include just about any service that your development requires. All our contractors must have relevant certification and insurances before work commences.

10. What selection criteria do you use for contractors on your panels?

We adopt an 'arms-length' approach towards contractor selection and make decisions based on economy, efficiency, quality of service and in accordance with instructions from the client. We review all contractor service contracts continuously to establish best value and determine areas for cost reductions / service improvements. If at any time contractors fail to meet the required standards they will not obtain further work.

11. How often does a representative from your company visit properties you manage and check on how your contractors fulfill their obligations?

Our agreement will state the number of visits per year. However, our property managers visit properties more often, as appropriate for the particular client. Additional visits (usually 6) are also made to attend meetings with Directors and residents or when specific projects are underway, to ensure that works are inspected at the appropriate times, not just on completion.

12. What information do you record and keep updated?

We have a comprehensive database that contains all the contact details for lessee, names, addresses, email, telephone, fax. We also hold details of the type of apartment, service charge proportions, lenders details. We are also able to handle finances electronically for service charge payment receipts and supplier payments.

13. Are you registered under the new Data Protection Act?
We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our registration number is Z9057615.

14. How can I pay my service charge?

You can pay by cheque (by post) or by direct internet payment into the specific client account for your block. Service charge payments are made in accordance with your lease and the requirement for ensuring adequate cash flow to maintain services to the block.

15. Where and how do you keep service charge monies, how are they administered and who receives any interest?

The Client Bank Account(s) are in the name of Manchester Residential Management Ltd and have the Client Account description in its title in accordance with the Service Charge Residential Management Code published by the RICS. Service Charge contributions will be paid into the account and cheques raised from the account to settle duly authorised items of expenditure. Interest is credited to the client’s account by the bank in accordance with the level of funds in the account.

16. How do you deal with unpaid service charges - what procedures are in place to deal with non-paying lessees?

Lessees can expect to receive full and accurate service charge demands at least three (3) weeks prior to the due date. Non-payers will receive a reminder followed by a final notice. If the payment still remains outstanding then a County Court Summons will be issued. On obtaining a Judgment we will contact the lender to obtain payment on behalf of the lessee. All costs for this process are charged to the non-paying lessee. The process outlined above is the exception and is only entered into as a last resort. We always consider the circumstances of the non-paying lessee and seek an agreement if possible.

17. How do you deal with lessees in breach of their lease?

Always with reference to the lease, our actions depend on the nature of the breach. We would initially seek to determine the facts and contact the lessee to outline the problem and the required remedy. We would confirm this in writing and seek to take further action following instruction from the client if the breach cannot be remedied. We would however state that it does depend on the nature and circumstances of the breach as to the course of action to be taken.

How do you deal with complaints?
The property manager would initially deal with any complaints as this person would be familiar with the running of the development and suitably placed to deal with the matter. If, however, the property manager could not solve the problem, then the matter would be referred to the Director. If the Director could not resolve the complaint satisfactorily the complaint could be taken up with ARMA, for an independent adjudication.

Take a look at our complaints procedure for more information.

19. Do you offer an out of hours service for emergencies?
Yes. Lessees telephone our office number, 0161 707 4873, and all calls will be diverted to the mobile number of the property manager to deal with the call. In cases were there is a concierge on site, the concierge would deal with any immediate problem with a report forwarded to us the next working day.

20. What length of notice period do you require?

If you’re giving notice of our appointment, then as much notice as possible however we have the ability to get up and running with a new appointment within a few days or even in 24 hours.

21. Please list any professional or trade bodies to which your firm belongs?

We are members of ARMA, the Association of Residential Managing Agents and subscribe to the Service Charge Residential Management Code published by the RICS. We also encourage our property managers to join the Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM) and to take their exams where appropriate.

22. Do you carry professional indemnity insurance?

In accordance with the various codes of practice we carry professional indemnity insurance and would be happy to supply this on request.


    Manchester Residential Management Limited, 3 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0DF
t: 0161 707 4873. f: 0161 707 7821. e: info@manchester-residential.co.uk
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