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We are commited to ensuring that our processes offer a positive experience to all users and want you to feel confident that MRM are the right managing agent for your development.

We will respond to telephone calls from leaseholders and tenants as quickly as possible and aim to do so by the same time on the following working day.

We will respond to written enquiries by letter, fax and emails as quickly as possible and aim to do so within 5 working days.

We will not discriminate on the grounds of gender or race, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

We will be courteous and professional to all lessees, tenants and members of the public in the provision of our services.

We will prioritise repair requests and deal with them according to the urgency of the repair.

We will as far as reasonably possible, keep lessees and residents informed of the progress of repairs.

We will have appropriate regard to the view of lessees and tenants.

We will manage the premises by enforcing covenants for the common good, where so instructed, fairly and without favour.

We will seek to use all reasonable efforts to settle disputes by mediating and negotiating with all relevant parties.
    Manchester Residential Management Limited, 3 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0DF
t: 0161 707 4873. f: 0161 707 7821. e: info@manchester-residential.co.uk
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