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At MRM we are committed to delivering a quality service at all times. However we do accept that occasionally things can go wrong.

We would like to hear from you if we have made a mistake or you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service.

All complaints must be in writing. It is our policy to investigate all complaints to seek to resolve matters in accordance with the procedure below.

Step 1:

Contacting us
The property manager would initially deal with any complaints as this person would be familiar with the running of the development and suitably placed to deal with the matter. Please send your complaint to ‘The Property Manager’ either by email: admin@manchester-residential.co.uk or posted to our office at 3 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester M30 0DF. When submitting your complaint please give any relevant details such as the name of the person(s) within our company with whom you have been in communication, dates of when communication was made, the nature of your complaint and how you feel the matter could be resolved to a satisfactory conclusion.

On receipt of the complaint the property manager will write to the complainant within 5 days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and confirm that the matter is being investigated. Depending on the nature of the complaint the property manager will endeavour to propose a resolution within 28 days.

Step 2:
Taking your complaint further

If, however, the property manager could not solve the problem, then the matter would be referred to a director of MRM who will write to you within 5 days from the time the case is referred to the director.

Step 3:
Taking your complaint to the Management Company

Should the complainant feel that the matter has not been resolved to their satisfaction, the complainant can take the matter up with the directors of the management company for a review in which case we would forward your complaint onto the management company upon your request.

If a ‘deadlock’ occurs when the complainant has exhausted all the above procedures and the problem remains unresolved after 8 weeks we will write to you to confirm that a ‘deadlock’ has been reached and encourage you to seek advice from the Surveyors Ombudsman Service.

Step 4:
Taking your complaint to the ARMA

We are a member of the Surveyors Ombudsman Services which may be able to help with your complaint
if we are unable to.

Details of complaints and investigation processes for the Ombudsman Services (Property) can be found on their website: www.ombudsman-services.org

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service please send us an email detailing the complaint to allow us to consider your complaint and respond within the timeframe outlined above.

    Manchester Residential Management Limited, 3 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0DF
t: 0161 707 4873. f: 0161 707 7821. e: info@manchester-residential.co.uk
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