Fire Safety within Apartments

For your safety and safety of other residents we would request that residents please ensure they follow the general fire safety guidelines outlined below:-

  • The smoke alarms within your apartment are checked regularly (preferably weekly) and replaced if the test function fails to work. Make sure batteries are replaced every year, or as prescribed by the detector instructions.
  • The smoke alarm fitted to your apartment should be replaced every 10 years. The smoke alarm sensors degrade over time, leading to reduced sensitivity in detecting smoke.
  • An electrical safety check of the electrical circuits is carried out to ensure safety and compliance. This safety check should be carried out at least once every 10 years. Copies of the test certificates should be sent to the Managing Agent.
  • Check all appliances within your apartment (e.g., fridge, freezer, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, toasters, kettles etc) regularly to ensure they are in good working order and that the cords are in good condition.
  • Do not leave candles burning unattended.
  • Do not leave pans on the hob unattended.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts over balconies as this could cause fire damage to the fabric of the building and the balconies below.
  • Typically apartment front doors are fitted with a cylinder lock with a thumb-turn on the inside to allow easy egress from the apartment in the event of a fire. This lock should not be replaced with a different type of lock that does not allow easy egress. The apartment front doors form part of the fire compartmentation to the protected fire lobby within the common areas of the building and this door should not be replaced.
  • The apartment front door and doors within your apartment are fire doors and have smoke and fire seals to prevent smoke and fire from spreading. Please always keep these fire doors shut.
  • The fire doors within your apartment (including the front door) are fitted with concealed door closers to ensure that the doors remain closed to keep a fire contained. Please ensure that these closers are not removed or damaged.
  • Please ensure the fire doors within your apartment (including the front door) have smoke and fire seals that are not damaged or missing.
  • Please ensure any combustible materials, (e.g., plastics, toilet paper etc.) are stored away from heaters or boilers.
  • Use of Fire Extinguishers – The preference of the fire brigade is for residents not to use fire extinguishers but for residents to close the apartment fire doors to keep the fire contained and allow the doors to do their job whilst awaiting the fire brigade to attend.

Fire Safety within Apartments

It has been a legal requirement for all blocks of flats to have a fire risk assessment (FRA) since 2006. The FRA encompasses the common parts only, but should make reference to the front doors of apartments. The responsibility to arrange for the FRA to be undertaken, and to action its findings where required, lies with the responsible person (typically the Management Company (RMC) or Landlord/Lessor.

The responsible person is also required to comply with health and safety regulations relating to buildings under their management. Completion and review of the FRA is a statutory duty under the Fire Safety Order.

The Fire risk and Health & Safety assessments will be reviewed periodically by MRM or if there are any alterations to the structure, layout or use of the building. The frequency of review is typically on a 2 yearly basis with a full fire risk assessment carried out by an accredited specialist company in the intervening year to ensure that fire safety within your building is checked annually.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Regulations requires the responsible person to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to persons with regard to (but not limited to):

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Electrical Safety
  • Control of Legionella
  • Control of Substances
  • Control of Substances hazardous to health (COSHH)
  • Reporting of injuries and dangerous occurrences
  • Asbestos

Fire Risk

The Fire Safety Order requires the responsible person to:

  • make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to persons
  • ensure that the premises are, to the extent that it is appropriate, equipped with appropriate firefighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms
  • ensure that routes to emergency exits from premises and the exits themselves
  • are kept clear at all times.
  • give effect to appropriate procedures in the event of serious and imminent
  • appoint one or more competent persons to assist in undertaking preventive and protective measures;
  • ensure that the premises and any facilities, equipment and devices provided are subject to a suitable system of maintenance and in good repair

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