A Guide to Applying for Consent from the Management Company

As a leasehold property apartment owner your Lease may contain certain restrictions with regards to subletting, keeping a pet or making alterations to your property, which requires the Leaseholder to firstly obtain consent from the Management Company (or Lessor) before proceeding. If you are a
freehold property owner, your transfer document may also require you to obtain consent such as carrying out some alterations to the outside of your property, or on your land.
Please consult with MRM if you are unsure if your Lease allows any of the above in the first instance or if prior written consent is required (and from whom) so that MRM can advise on the next steps.
MRM considers each application on behalf of the Management Company on its individual merits. MRM’s application forms makes it simple to submit your application.

Keeping Pets

Please email info@manchester-residential.co.uk for an application form and pet agreement form. The application process will require a photo of the pet, a copy of valid insurance to cover injury/damage to property and payment of the administration fee.


Please email info@manchester-residential.co.uk for an application form. The application process will require a copy of the proposed tenancy agreement, a copy of an annual electrical & gas safety test and payment of the administration fee. Consent will not be granted for any short-term letting, ‘Air bnb’ type lettings or any lettings that are not subject to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement.

Alterations in Flats

We suggest you have all the necessary information ready before you start the application process, during which you are asked to provide details of the proposed alterations, including:

  • A clear written description of the alterations you wish to carry out;
  • A plan of the existing layout and a plan of the proposed new layout;
  • Any additional plans, photographs or drawing and supporting documents (such as a method statement).

As part of the review, MRM looks at the details of the proposed works (including any plans and drawings), the terms of your lease or transfer, the title to your property and the title to the landlord’s property. We will also consider the potential impact of the proposed changes and necessary works on adjoining properties.
In some cases, we may need to instruct independent professional advisers, such as surveyors and solicitors, to review your application, or to prepare a formal legal document recording the alterations agreed. If this is necessary, we will tell you, and give you a breakdown of the costs you need to pay.
You should hear from MRM within 10 working days of submitting your application.
Please start by looking at the relevant FAQs below.


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